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An ode to Dr Bhan by Amlanjyoti Goswami.

Midnight’s Child


They made a perfect circle

These babies and their mothers


As the good doctor went round

With his drops of gold.


And they went home tall and happy

Now moms and dads themselves


With kids of their own, scruffy as

Chicks in a nest


Heads sticking out, for another drop

Now rota, then polio.


But this time the doctor is gone

Looking for the wind


On foot.

He forgot where he parked his car


And it is still missing.

He is exploring a new question.


A man of science, he needs answers

That measure in stone


That can work for all seasons

For this batch, the next one.


At home, the kids too have grown

And there are many stories to hear


And so little time.

The whole world is a friend


And yet it comes knocking,

Just when he was at the study


Looking at the night

Pondering over that broken gene


And wondering, if it was time

To turn out the lights.


9th November,1947 – January 26th, 2020

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